When I am frustrated about not knowing what to do or not finding enough bugs, I try to help my cause by introspecting and making an attempt towards “upping” my game. Part of this introspection is in trying to actively identify knowledge gaps and skills. (For the sake of sounding tangled) I make up for these skill gaps by running “learning experiments”.

You see, self-learning something like web app hacking can be difficult because there is no set step by step path. You read, practice, hunt/hack and keep running this cycle. …

In the beginning everyone’s crap at bug bounty hunting. Apart from all the obvious reasons why, the lack of detailed notes and an organized methodology may also contribute to this. Let me, however, right at the start of this article, reiterate that this is solely my opinion. This piece is from subjective experience and may differ from person to person.

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The need for notes and an organized methodology

As a beginner, doing bug bounty hunting for the last 7 months, I have realized there is a…

Sanketh Sharath

Internet privacy, security, OSINT & Bug bounty enthusiast. I write/host “FourZeroThree” a blog on Internet privacy & security https://www.fourzerothree.in

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